'Vital' that consumers stay on top of their energy bills

It is vital that consumers stay on top of their energy bills as the price of gas and electricity remains so high.

This is the message from Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch.com, who welcomed energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne's insistence that suppliers must be more transparent.

Yesterday (September 21st) the MP said that if utility firms block Ofgem's ruling to immediately inform customers of price changes, he will pass legislation that demands for it.

Currently, suppliers can wait up to 65 days before they tell their customers of any price increases, which "allows no time for customers to compare energy prices and keep their costs down", Ms Robinson claimed.

"We also look forward to hearing more from the coalition government about plans to make suppliers highlight their cheapest energy tariffs on customers' bills," she added, noting that only 13 per cent of households are making the most of cheaper online energy plans, which can save around £250 on standard plans.

"Perhaps this move will go some way towards boosting consumer awareness and take-up," she remarked.

27th Sep 2010