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Promoter: U-GET Consultancy Services is the promoter of the 'Introducer's Fee' offer.

Introducer: The party introducing the third party to the promoter, who will be in receipt of the ‘introducer’s fee’.

Third Party: The party being introduced by the introducer, to the promoter, whose business energy bill will be reviewed and switched with U-GET Consultancy Services.

The following terms and conditions apply to this promotion.  They also apply to any and all other promotions on the Promoter’s  website;  www.u-getconsultancy.co.uk, Facebook, Linkedin or any other promotions, votes or polls promoted by the Promoter.


1.  The Promotion

U-GET Consultancy Services are offering an ‘Introducer’s Fee’ to anyone referring a new business to us, that use U-GET Consultancy Services to switch energy providers. This payment will be 10% of first year invoice that U-GET Consultancy Services receive via way of that new business, through the energy provider.

2. Referral Fee

      2.1 One 10% fee per new business referral is permissible.

      2.2 The introducer must state that they are referring a third party, when initially introducing, to receive their introducer’s fee. To not state this at the initial time of referral, during the promotion period, may lead to the introducer’s fee not being paid (this is at the Promoter’s discretion and their decision is final).

      2.3 The value of the 10% fee will be dependent upon the estimated annual consumption (EAC) of the third party and subsequent invoice level from the chosen energy provider. The Promoter’s decision is final.

      2.4 You cannot refer your own business in order to receive the introducer's fee. (this is at the promoter's discretion and their decision is final). 

      2.5 The 10% fee (or other payment at the Promoter’s absolute discretion) of the promoter’s received invoiced payment of the new business, (to a maximum of £100), at the promoter’s discretion, will be provided dependent upon:

                  2.5.1 The introducer referring third party business to U-GET Consultancy Services; and

                  2.5.2 The third party switching energy suppliers through U-GET Consultancy Services; and.

                  2.5.3 Delivery of the 10% fee will be made only once the third party’s contract has commenced; and

              2.5.4 Payments have been received by the promoter, from the energy provider, (payments depend upon the individual energy provider’s payment method to the promoter. Payments are often in arrears after first actual meter reading).


3. Duration of the Promotion

      3.1 The referral promotion will run for an initial period of 3 months from 6th March 2012 until 6th June 2012.   However, it may be terminated or extended at any time at the absolute discretion of the promoter.

      3.2 The end date will be 5pm on 6th June 2012. (This date may be extended at the absolute discretion of the promoter)

4.   General

      4.1 This promotion is subject to English law and any dispute concerning or arising out of the Promotion will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

      4.2 This promotion is only available to Introducers in the United Kingdom

      4.3 The Promoter accepts no responsibility for the Voucher which remains the responsibility of the producer or operator of the Merchant providing the Voucher.  For example, but not limited to, all liability of the Promoter is excluded if the producer, operator or Merchant  providing the Voucher decides to terminate their voucher scheme or place a time limit on their usage.

      4.4 The Promoter excludes all liability to the fullest extent possible by law.  However, should the Promoter not be able to exclude liability then liability, where established, is limited to the value of the Voucher.   

For all interactivity connected with this promotion www.u-getconsultancy.co.uk , the Promoter is U-GET Consultancy Services, ian@u-getconsultancy.co.uk.

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