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Changing Supplier

Why should I consider changing energy suppliers?
By changing energy suppliers, you could be saving yourself money off your energy bill. This could mean cheaper gas & electricity rates than you currently pay. In a rising market, cheaper gas & electricity rates than your current supplier's renewal offer. It is also worth considering the customer service aspect. Good customer service is important, including availability to your energy company. At U-GET, however, we will be able to deal with your energy supplier on your behalf. It really does pay to shop around.

What factors determine the available energy rates?
Various factors determine the rate that the energy suppliers quote, these include: Geographic location, Annual consumption, Credit Rating, Payment method, Business type and Meter profile.

How much could I save by switching?
There is no general figure, every business is unique. The gas & electricity wholesale market prices will play an important determining factor as to whether or not you will be saving. If rates have increased since you last took out a contract, then you maybe unlikely to save. However, you are still going to need a new tariff, therefore, we can help to secure the best energy rates that are currently available. If you have never taken out a contract, then the likelihood is, that we will be able to make sizeable savings, simply by placing you onto a contract.

What should I consider when choosing a new energy supplier?
There are various factors to consider. To many, price will be a main driver, followed by service, together they provide an overall value for service. The package needs to be right for you. Consider whether you want a short-term contract or perhaps something longer, dependant upon the wholesale market. We can advise based upon your requirements.

Do I need to notify my current supplier when switching?
No. Your new supplier will arrange the switch-over on your behalf, along with the date that it will happen from. You will need to pay your final bill to your current supplier and cancel any direct debits. You maybe asked to take a final meter reading on the day of transfer, this will provide your current supplier the correct details to produce that final bill.

Contract Types

Rolling Tariff
This type of contract is for those that do not want to be locked in for a fixed term, or have simply never changed from their original supplier. These rates are usually much higher than a standard contract. Rates are also subject to price fluctuations.

Fixed Contract
These contracts are for a fixed length of time, often between one to five years and lock you in to the negotiated rates for that length of time. This is advantageous for businesses that want to know exactly how much they will need to budget for. Renewal offers are usually 3 months prior to the contract end date. Forget to follow the appropriate renewal process and you could find yourself rolling onto a higher standard rate contract.

Out of Contract Rates (Deemed Rates)
These invariably apply to businesses that have taken over a new property. You will be supplied by the same supplier as the previous occupant, on 'Out of Contract' rates. These will be far more expensive than the cheapest contract rates. You should arrange new rates as soon as possible, often being able to backdate them to the date of occupancy.

Our Process and Other Services

Why do you require a Letter of Authority (LOA)?
When dealing with the energy companies, they need to know that we have authorisation to obtain quotes on your behalf. It does not allow us to sign you up to a new contract though.

Which suppliers are used?
We work with a comprehensive range of suppliers on an independent and impartial basis, using a variety of available tariffs, providing you with the best rates for your business.

How is the service provided free?
We have arrangements in place with the various suppliers we use. When you place the business with one of them, through ourselves, we are paid a small introductory fee.
We also provide additional services as detailed on our Services List. These are usually free when you switch energy companies with us.

What do you require from us?
To begin with, we would need to see a copy of your gas or electricity bill. This provides us with the important information, in particular, your MPAN that displays meter information unique to your location. This way we know who to deal with, what geographic location you are in and what type of energy consumer you are.

What happens when we choose a new rate?
Presented with our findings, it is your decision as to which option to choose. We can advise were required, however, the final decision is yours. Once you decide on a tariff, we will setup the contract for you, with the chosen supplier. In most cases this will be emailed to you were your signature will be needed. This may also include a direct debit mandate (if paying by this method).

How will you remember our renewal date?
We record your energy contract details onto our system, alerting us at the appropriate time. Your termination and renewal dates for gas and electricity are all documented. This way, we are able to notify you ahead of your renewal date to get the ball rolling once again, thereby preventing your contract from rolling onto a higher rate tariff.

Can you help with a change in tenancy?
When moving into a new property, obtaining the correct supplier information can often be time-consuming and involve telephone calls to various parties. At U-GET, we can undertake this for you, finding who the supplier is (if unknown), then transferring the account into your company's name.

Can you help with a meter change?
Metering issues can be very complex, which is why our experience in dealing with such cases will be invaluable and hassle-free. We will review your meter setup, arrange and manage any upgrades/downgrades and their associated work. Changes can sometimes be lengthy, due to the different parties involved, however, with our advice and experience in this area we will do the work for you.

Can you help to re-negotiate when it comes to the renewal process?
Generally, 90 days prior to your contract end date, you will receive a renewal letter from your supplier along with their proposed new rates. You will have 30 days in which you need to confirm this with them, if you don't, they will roll you onto the tariff anyway. To prevent this from occurring, we will send off a Letter of Termination for you, thereby preventing this from happening. You may still use the same supplier after this period, it simply stops them from forcing you into their proposed rates.

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