Business Energy Broker: Saving Money Off Your Energy Bills

We will simplify and manage your energy purchasing, saving you up to 40% on your energy bill, contact us now for a free review service.

Two different options:
Energy Brokering Service or a Direct Auction.

We prevent contract rollovers, offer different contract lengths, align multi-energy contracts to a single renewal date and arrange your new contract.

For cheaper gas and electricity prices contact U-GET today.

Ask yourself these important energy bill questions?

  • Do I know when my gas and electricity renewal dates are?
  • Do I know how much I spend on my energy bills per year?
  • Do I know how much my business consumes per year?
  • Do I know how to reduce my energy consumption?
  • Do I know when I last checked my energy rates?

If you answered NO to any of these, don't worry, U-GET can answer them for you.

More Information

Energy suppliers make it difficult to select the best energy contract. We will sort this. Pound Coins - Money Saved

  • U-GET offers a ‘Free, No-Obligation Review Service’ eliminating your time spent seeking the best energy prices.

  • Our experience helps customers avoid inflated energy rates, additional charges, and the many pitfalls the energy sector has in store.

  • U-GET offers honest, independent and impartial advice on your energy usage and supply.

  • Our fees are paid by the energy companies, so we'll not charge you a penny.

  • U-GET's goal is to save you as much money as possible - quite useful in this economic climate.  

  • Don't worry about your energy renewal process? U-GET will manage this for you.

  • Take responsibility over your consumption: Monitor, Reduce & Save.


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